Purpose Of This Site

The purpose of this website is simple: to allow individuals to express their opinion regarding Urban Meyer’s unexpected return to coaching. The posts here are meant to be nothing more than that, opinions, and even still, does not express the entire opinion of all gator fans. Sure, many may be happy for Urban Meyer. And while I am extremely grateful for all he did for the program, the way he choose to “retire” from coaching and then come back only to coach at “The” Ohio State is what troubles me (sound familiar, Cleveland fans). Everything said here is meant to be a joke, and I try to keep it somewhat “classy” so to speak. So, enjoy and please feel free to submit images or make your own in the comments section! I’ll be happy to re-post anything good!



3 comments on “Purpose Of This Site

  1. If Urban Meyer decides to buy a fancy couch for his new Ohio home, I will not hesitate to grind my muddy boots on it.

  2. Someone with the aptitude and animosity towards UF to come up with such a word as Gay-turd yet somehow finding this site must be a real winner

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